Bao Ha Handicraft Village

Bao Ha Village

Bao Ha Handicraft Village (Ling Dong village) is located in Dong Minh Commune, Vinh Bao District, Hai Phong City. Visitors to Bao Ha Handicraft Village are amazed by the ancient statues and the local puppet shows and they love to visit workshops that produce puppets or a wide range of statues. Head of Dong Minh commune’s Culture Department, Dao Manh Tuan said Bao Ha village has been making statues for more than 500 years.

Local products are statues made from wood or lacquered wood that are highly appreciated by both local and international tourists. The village has opened many shops to sell statues, fine art products and lacquer paintings to serve the tourist market. Tourists can also order custom-made items.

Coming to Bao Ha, you can also enjoy the water puppet under Minh Tan Ward that was established by artisan Dao Minh Tuan.

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