Du Hang Pagoda Hai Phong

Du Hang Pagoda

Du Hang Pagoda was established in the 17th century under the Ly Dynasty and went through several reconstructions over the years. It features a pagoda, a bell tower, many sophisticated carvings of guardians, Buddha images, lovely gardens with an interesting bonsai collection and some important vintage objects. Bring along some bread if you want to feed the turtles and fishes in a small pond within the compound too. Basically, a ‘dress with respect’ attitude is best when entering any religious sites in Vietnam.

Du Hang Pagoda in Hai Phong

Thich Ca Mau Ni Buddha

Wicked Colossal Statue

Goodness Colossal Statue

Thap Dien Ten Monseigneur

Dragon Carved

Point of Sword system - Dau Dao

Du Hang Pagoda

Du Hang Pagoda



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