Point of Sword system – Dau Dao and Vietnam Pagodas

Point of Sword in Pagoda

Point of Sword system – Dau Dao is very important part of Ancient Pagoda architecture in Vietnam. Most of  Point of Sword are made of terracotta, some of the rest are made of mixture of simen and sand iron core. In some pagodas, people appended porcelain to Point of Sword so that it would be more glitter in the Sun.

There are 2 parts symmetrically arranged. They are Dragon – Phoenix (Long – Phung). The more curved part rising up is Dragon – Long. Next to it is Phoenix – Phung. The curved Poin of Sword makes pagoda more symmetric, light and flowing.

Some of pagodas that don’t have long point of sword, not precise in shape but they are stylizations of craftsman. Although the details and shape are not very clear, their layouts still stay the same. There is one famous pagoda which traveler should pay a vitsit. That is Du Hang Pagoda.

Point of Sword in Pagodas Vietnam
Point of Sword in Pagodas Vietnam
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