Reach Halong Bay from Hai Phong port

Reach Halong Bay from Hai Phong port

Reach Halong Bay from Hai Phong port. Have you ever try to reach Halong Bay from Hai Phong instead of from port in Ha Long city?

First time Reach Halong Bay from Hai Phong port

I have chance to travel along Hai phong to Ha long by cruise from Got Pier by Not really different between sea on ha long bay and Catba, because from sea to sky all covered by blue, but for people who loves silents and peace, I think it is not the bad deal.It can be said that the Ha Long – Cat Ba tourist area is one of the wonderful combination of nature and gifted nature. Come to Ha Long visitors will admire the beauty of the small island. With unique shapes like. Hon Dragon. La Vong Island. The Drumstick … All are very real, amazing. These magical stones change over time and view. We come here to realize that they are not islands that are silent but soulful and alive.

If Ha Long is formed by mountains and water, Cat Ba is created with beautiful nature. Covering the terrain is a rich and varied rich vegetation, with hundreds of unique mountains and mysterious caves. Many of the bays are deep in the island with fine sand strips, pearl-like water that makes coral populations shimmering thousands of colors.

On the island are shocking surprise: the lake in the mountains quiet water like a mirror

The most attractive of my journey is when I came to Van Gia Village. This is belong to sea, far from land and very peaceful place in world. I just see a museum, some block of emty house on sea because owner left them for living in land before. But they are still alive on sea when we came there. Reach Halong Bay from Hai Phong port


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