Secured Data, Online Payment

To get deposit or full payment from your credit card (Visa, JCB, Master), we use Secured Online Payment provided by VTC Intercom corporation which received the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) award from Trustwave.


Invoice link should be like this:********* (must be started with”***”

After you input your phone number of Email, please choose “Payment via Internationnal Card” then select card type: Visa, JCB or Master. (Please do not use HOTMAIL to confirm transaction.)

Then, you will be redirected to main payment port like this:*******

This is safe link to input your credit card information.


  • We only use email at (e.g. [email protected]) to contact with our customers.
  • We NEVER use personal email, free email to contact with you (e.g. or…)
  • We NEVER ask customer to send Credit Card information or any personal data concerning to your account. In some special cases, if VTC found any risk issue with your card and ask to send photo of passport, 4 last digits of your card, please contact us first. Then we will work with VTC to decide if it’s needed or not.
  • All your personal data such as Fullname, passport number, D.O.B, Email…will never be disclosed or sell to any third party. We ask you for these data just for some custom needs like check in, declare temporary residence, customer care…