Sung Sot cave Halong

Sung Sot cave Halong

Sung Sot cave Halong is the best cave on Halong bay. Halong bay belongs to Halong city, Quang Ninh province. It was recognized by UNESCO twice:  Sung Sot cave is on Bo Hon island. It’s considered the most beautiful and largest cave on Halong bay. The area nearby also has smaller islets with imaginable shapes. Nowaday, people built around 50 steps up to cave’s gate. Then traveler will find easier to climb to. Hai Phong Tours do not recommend old people to visit Sung Sot cave on Halong bay. But if you are fit or have good heath enough, do not miss this Amazing cave.

Sung Sot Cave
Sung Sot Cave

Founder of Sung Sot cave Halong

Sung Sot cave belongs to Vietnam. But founder is not Vietnamese! In 1901, French found it. They called this “Grotte des Surprises”.

Sung Sot cave structure

When you travel to Sung Sot cave, Hai Phong Tours’ guide will tell you something about history. And especial cave’s structure. From sea level, it’s 25 meters.

Distance from entrance to exit gate is 500 meters. In general, Sung Sot cave covers 10.000 square meters with thousands of limestone stalactites. There are total 2 compartments connecting to each other by small lane. The first compartment is small and has many limestone stalactites hanging from the roof of the cave. On the left hand, you will see Fairy spring. Water there is very fresh and sweet. Next, we will step to small lane to the main heaven. This is the main part which has 30m to ceiling and has a small and smooth shape of dents as if decorated with foam, which looks like the ceiling of a big theater, very magnificent.

Near the door, there are huge rocks coming from the ground near the ceiling. This is one of the typical karst caves, with high scientific value. Right next to the exit is a stalactite with a horse and a long sword. As legend, after defeating An enemy (Chinese), Giong Saint helped the people here to chase away demons. Then he flew to heaven and left a swords and precious horse to reassure the people, banish demons.

Review of Sung Sot cave Halong

How to get to Sung Sot cave?

As this is the best cave on Halong bay then Hai Phong Tours has 3 itineraries to be here:

Halong bay 2 day 1 night cruise tour Hai Phong departure

Halong bay 3 day 2 night cruise tour Hai Phong departure

Some photo of Sung Sot cave

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