Terms and Conditions


In cash or by credit card (Visa Card, Master Card, JCB card are accepted). Our Sales Executive will send you the VTC Pay secured online invoice to complete your booking.

Cancellations/Modification & Refunds

All cancellations/Modification must be received in writing, sent to us via email [email protected] or Whatsapp: +84975200357

The following rules applied:

Cancellations or modification by you

+ Greater than or equal to 7 days: 100% refunded
+ Less than 7 days: 30% of tour forfeited
+ Less than or equal 3 days: 50% of tour forfeited
+ Less than or equal 2 day: 100% of tour forfeited

You can modify once and after modification, tour can not be cancelled by you.

Cancellation by us

We reserve the right to cancel your booking under some unavoidable circumstances like: weather, wars, civil strife, industrial disputes, natural disasters, terrorism, or order from the Local Authority. If we cancel your booking before departing, you can either get a full refund or change departure date. In case we have to cancel your trip after departing, we will charge used services only.

Delay & No Show

Following to agreement, we will pick you up at meeting point(s). Depends on which tour, pick up time will be confirmed in each confirmation emails or chat.  We will try our best to present on time. In case our tour guide can not find you at meeting point, he/she will come back after around 10-15 minutes. We consider this “DELAY”. After 15 minutes, if our guide still can not find you at meeting point, we will consider “NO SHOW”.

We will sadly to do fully charged in case of NO SHOW.

Tip policies

+ At hotel (required)
– Bellman helps you to carry luggage, you should give him at least 10.000VND/suitcase.
– 10.000VND/person for house-keepers/day.

+ Onboard (required)
After cruise trip, please prepare at least 50.000VND multiply by number of person in group to tip for crews. You can give to tour guide or give directly to Tip box.

+ For drivers (required)
Drivers should receive US1$/day multiply by number of person in group.

+ For tour guide (required)
Tour guide should receive US2$/day multiply by number of person in group.

+ For rower (required)
During your tour, if there’s rowboat trip (in Halong or Ninh Binh or others), please tip 25.000VND/person multiply by number of person in group.

These tip policies are applied to group tour from 6 persons up or any private tours. If group tour is smaller than 6 persons, tip is not required but we still recommend.

Luggage Store & Carry

Each adult should bring maximum 01 suitecase and 1 hand-bag, +US$5 will be added per extra. (Extra suitecase should be informed to our saleman in advance).

During your trip, luggage can be left in our car, van, coach or onboard (up to you). We have no responsibility for any valuable things.