Tien Lang Hot Spring

Tien Lang Hot Spring

Tien Lang Hot Spring – Firstly built in 2003 with a huge consumption of investment at a hundreds of billion VND in a large area of 100 000 square meters of trees and flowers, Tien Lang Hot Spring has quickly become attractive destination.

In 2006, Tien Lang offically put in operation in 2006 , Hot mineral water here has marvelous microorganism elements containing many healthy minerals. It is the true that many clients have recovered from their health problems here by bathing in the spring The water here is excellent for treating such chronic diseases as upper respiratory track infection, peripheral nerves, female reproductive organs, tendon, muscle and degeneration, scrofula, bone and joint problems not related to tuberculosis, endocrine disorder, albinism, lymph among children, and post-surgery trauma allergy.

The hot mineral water is especially effective in treating skin diseases such as fungus and ringworm etc. Moreover, when bathing in the 54oC water makes your skin pinkish, smooth and soft.

Open time: 7 – 22:00 everyday

Tien Lang Hot Spring

Tien Lang Hot Spring Hai Phong

Tien Lang Hot Spring Hai Phong Tours

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